The Benefits

1 - Complete package

Everything is supplied. Your scanning tablets can be delivered already set up with stands and protective covers. We can provide extra wifi hardware to increase functionality. Name badges pre-printed with individual QR codes.

2 - Easy set up

We can train your team in on site set up and running reports, or you can have a member of the ExpoScan team on site at your conference to set everything up for you.

3 - Easy to use

ExpoScan has been kept simple and easy to use for event organisers, conference delegates and exhibitors. We can even say its ‘fail safe’.

4 - Affordable

ExpoScan is very affordable and easily the most effective product of its kind available today. Just click here to get a quote tailored to suit your needs.

5 - Real Time Tracking

ExpoScan works in real time, no delays in getting data, as soon as a name badge is scanned it shows up on the reporting system.